Saturday, 20 July 2019


We have some new beebots in Room 4. These are small code-able robots. We have been learning how to programme them. A big part of this learning, is writing the code and debugging when things go wrong.  The photos below are of our first time using them. We were working out what they did and how we could programme them. There was lots of great discussion during this 'play' time.

Special Guests

One morning we had some special visitors to Room 4 - Mrs Bayne's new puppies! They were very little and oh so cute. We think one would make a very good class pet! What do you think Mr Marshall?

Frosty Morning Walk Poems

One morning there was a good frost in Outram and the air was crisp and chilly. The whole field was white with frost. Room 4 went outside (all rugged up in our jackets and hats!) and talked about what we noticed. We saw how the sun sparkled on the grass and how even the leaves were white and icy. We ran around the field and noticed that we made footprints, we shuffled our feet and made train tracks all over the field. When we went back to class, we brainstormed some interesting adjectives to use in our poem writing. Here are some examples of our poetry. 

Frosty Morning Walk
It felt cold
It felt like I was an ice cube
I saw sparkles on the grass
I saw footprints
I heard laughing and talking

By Josh
Frosty Morning Walk
I heard the birds tweeting
I heard crunching
I felt the cold frost on the grass
I saw a volcano coming out of my mouth
I saw footprints

By Riley

Frosty Morning Walk
I saw footprints on the grass
I saw the leaves
I heard crunching
I felt cold on my face and my legs
I felt frozen like a snowman

By Kiana

Frosty Morning Walk
I saw the sun shining on the frost, it twinkled
When I took a breath or said something,
I saw smoke coming out of my mouth
Before we went on the grass
I saw footprints everywhere!
My whole body felt freezing
I heard crunching, birds, tweeting, talking, laughing
And vehicles.

By Teagan

Frosty Morning Walk
I saw frost on the grass
I heard crunching
I felt cold
My toes were cold and my head was cold
I went on the fake grass and it was full of ice
I felt like I was a piece of ice
I saw icy tracks
I was so cold that I wanted to run back inside!

By Oliver

Frosty Morning Walk
I saw frost on the grass
I saw a volcano erupt from my mouth - poof
I heard the crunch of the grass
I heard laughing children - ha ha ha!
I felt cold and shivering
I felt like ice

By Merepeka

Frosty Morning Walk
I heard cars on the road and birds tweeting
We got to make train tracks on the grass
We made foot prints
I heard talking
I saw ice on the grass,
There was lots of ice!
The grass felt like water
The grass was very very cold
All the leaves were covered in ice.

By Nicholas

Frosty Morning Walk
I saw sparkles on the grass
It looked beautiful
I felt cold
I heard crispy noises and crunchy sounds
We made train tracks
It was cool

By Ruby

Frosty Morning Walk
We walked on the icy grass
It was crunchy
There were heaps of sparkles
We made train tracks
We made footprints

By Bella

Autumn Fun!

Room 4 had some fun in the leaves as part of a writing activity. First, we listened to the sounds the leaves made when we walked, jumped, kicked our way through them. Then we held some in our hands and scrunched and crunched them. We noticed that some felt damp and some were dry and crispy. This was a great activity to help extend our vocabulary.
Everyone was very surprised when Mrs Jackson told them to throw their leaves in the air! We had a very fun autumn leaf fight! We went back to class with leaves everywhere - stuck in our hair and caught in our clothing, but it was very fun. We created some great pieces of writing from this task.
Look at our smiling faces!

Term 2

What a busy term we have had in Room 4! Here are some of our highlights:

Using the new STEM boxes to complete challenges.

Kiwi Golf with Melanie

Another challenge - who can build the
tallest tower?

We have enjoyed working on the challenges with the STEM boxes. As well as using our problem solving skills, we have to think about how we can work together effectively. Listening to other ideas and compromising are important skills with these tasks.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Summer Poems

With all this hot weather we were inspired to write summer poems. We used our senses to help us organise our ideas. Here are some of our amazing poems.

Sounds like the fan going
Looks like the sun rising
Feels like it’s hot!
Smells like flowers growing
Tastes like eating ice cream
I love summer!

By Daniel

Summer is fun!
Sounds like lots of splashing!
Looks like fun
Feels like fun
Smells like sausages on the BBQ
Tastes like ice cream
I super love summer!

By Teagan

Sounds like birds singing
Looks like a sunny time
Feels like it’s hot
Smells like hot dogs
Tastes like juice

By Nicholas

Sounds like me in the pool
Looks like lots of flowers
Feels like it’s hot
Smells like it me sweaty
Tastes like ice blocks
I like summer!

By Eli

Sounds like birds singing
Looks like people swimming
Feels like the hot sun
Smells like lots of flowers
Tastes like ice cream
I love summer!

By Merepeka

Kelly Sports with Sophie

We are very lucky this year to have Sophie from Kelly Sports back at Outram School. We really enjoy her sessions. Here are some photos of us learning a new game. We had to really use our dodging skills with this game!

Here we are practicing our throwing skills...